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You've gotta love cats... I know I do!
A new amazing cat picture every day!
Thanks to everyone who submitted these funny cute and weird cat pictures! -Dwight

  News of Amazing Cat Collection
meow meow moew moew

Keep up the voting please. The world needs to know which cat pictures will reign supreme!

We had an issue with our database reverting back 3 days in time, so a few of the pictures lost their votes.

The problem is solved now, and this cat train will keep on chugging along.

I know I've said it before, but I have new site features in the works. Please tell your friends and family about the Amazing Cat Collection.
The Amazing Cat Collection now has over 1,000 amazing cat pictures!

Thanks for all your contributions and support over the years. You, the cat lovers, are the ones that make this the #1 cat site on the net!
meow... I hope you have a cat-tastic 2007!
The Holidays are upon us once again! It seems to come about quicker each year.

I hope everyone is having the best possible season.

Don't forget to take lots of funny/cool cat pictures when you go to visit your great aunt Beatrice :)
Newest cat video is now posted on the front page. Don't you love it? Well, I do!

If you happen to find a great cat video on youtube please send the link to me at amazingcatcollection@gmail.com
New videos added today! Check them out and prepare to be amazed :)

Thanks to Nicolas for telling me about them. If you find great cat videos on youtube.com please let me know and I'll post them on this site for everyone to view!
Cats are back after a few day break.

I have some fun pictures coming up soon so be sure to stick around for the good times.

For all those of you who have joined the cat club newsletter and are wondering where they are, hang in there because I will be emailing some fun cat facts and stats real soon.

Please tell everyone you know about the Amazing Cat Collection; it would make me purrr if you did.
More cats, more cats! Can there ever be too many cats?!

I think not. So this cat train will just keep on rolling.

Please tell your friends and family about my site, share the love!

Go on, send me that amazing cat picture or video you have laying around. It just might be good enough to be featured.
Happy Independence Day to all you Americans!

Sorry for missing a few days of cats. Don't worry, I still have plenty of pictures just itching (fleas?) to get up on the internet.

Please keep sending in your incredible cat photos, and I'll keep slapping them up here one at a time. And by all means feel free to tell your friends and family about my cat corner on the net.

By the way, does everyone enjoy the new video section? I know I do! :-)
New Cat Videos! Get your cat video fix here!

Check them out, tell your friends. Share the love.

Have any suggestions for the site? I'm all ears. Holler at me at amazingcatcollection@gmail.com or you can use my personal email calwhite@gmail.com to get my attention a bit faster.

Check out the new videos section!

Feel free to send me a message at amazingcatcollection@gmail.comand let me know what you think of the videos.

I don't think I will add the voting ability to the videos because they won't be updated nearly as often as the pictures.

However, I still plan on adding the ability to post comments under each picture or video on the site.

Now if only I could find more free time...
No news is good news! I hope you all have a purrfect day.

Please be patient if you have sent me a cat picture and it hasn't been posted yet. I am currently inundated with great cat pictures (a good thing) so the line is pretty long.

Of course when I find a super good cat picture it often gets a higher priority. So please send me cat pictures that show cats in unique places, or interacting with other animals in funny ways. Those are my favorites, but I know you are all just here for the kittens. ;-)
Happy Holidays everyone! meow!
OK, I think I fixed the problems I was having on the site. This cat train should be chugging along smoothly from now on.

Please keep sending in those amazing cat pictures. Your participation is greatly appreciated, even if your cat hasn't been posted yet.

Tell your friends and family about the Amazing Cat Collection. Share the joy of our feline friends this holiday season!
New cats are coming, I promise! Give me another 24 hours to kill this bug in my website, then I will start putting up new cats again.

Thanks for your patience amazing cat fans.
Hi there. I seem to be having some problems with this auto updating feature I wrote in PHP. The problem is causing all the cats I have in the queue to become displayed at random times.

I think it might be caused by my server host altering the system date. I plan to rewrite a portion of the code to conteract the problem within a week.

That's probably more information than you wanted to know. I guess my main point is please stay cool if you have seen a cat of the day before. Thanks cat lovers!
Hooray! The cats are back after a little well deserved vacation.

Nothing stops this cat train. We just keep chugging along, bringing you all the funny, cute, weird, and downright amazing cats you can handle!

Keep sending me those amazing pics, and I'll keep throwin em up here for the world to view. purrrr
Hi there! There may not be a Cat Of The Day for the next day or two while we transition the site to a new web server.

Please be patient while we move the site, the cats will return soon, I promise.

I have been getting some wonderful submissions lately and I want to sincerely thank everyone who has sent in an amazing cat picture. Just because your cat hasn't been posted yet doesn't mean it won't be soon. There is a very long line of cats waiting to become Cat Of The Day so please check back often.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the amazing cats of September!

There are plenty more where they came from. This cat train just keeps on rollin!

I'd like to say WELCOME to all the new visitors, and WELCOME BACK to all the loyal cat lovers. If you have a website please link to my site, it would make my day.

The Amazing Cat Collection sends all its cat love and karma to the victims of Huuricanes Rita and Katrina.

Feel free to email me if you have a question or comment. I'll get back to you eventually I promise :-)
Have no fear the cats are back after a 2 day vacation. I have many cat pictures prepared and ready to go up, so I don't expect any more problems.

Thanks again to all you loyal cat-a-holics out there for your support! purrrr
Ooops, sorry for the lack of cats over the past 36 hours. I will have a new cat up as soon as possible (12 hours or less). I promise!

Thanks for your interest and keep sending me those amazing cat pictures! Meeeowww
The Amazing Cat Collection has just celebrated it's 1 year anniversary!

A big thanks to all you loyal cat lovers out there for making this so much fun to do. There are a total of 497 pictures in the collection now, and of course that number grows every day.

I've been busy starting a web design company called 333studios (website still in development) so I still haven't finished the cat message board. It will be here soon I promise.

As always, send me an email if you have a request or suggestion. Even though I don't read my cat email very often, I do read each and every one.
Cats cats cats, everyone loves cats! Well not everyone, but if you don't love cats then you're no friend of mine!

Can you do me a favor and tell a friend or family member about my site please? I would really love to see this site become more popular.

I changed the code so the cat of the day displays twice as big now. But you probably already noticed that.

Here's another feature I'm working for this site (this list is getting long):
-RSS feed, so those of you with news readers can be informed of cat updates. Although cat updates happen every day, so maybe this isn't such a brilliant idea after all...
Today I had to clear all the old votes in order to make way for the new voting system. It was not easy for me to wipe out over 71,000 votes, but it had to be done :(

The new voting system is more accurate, and you might notice the addition of a vote counter next to each cat. Please look on the bright side: this is an opportunity to start fresh and vote for your favorite cat when it really counts (when there are no votes).

I promise this is the one and only time I will delete all the votes, so please don't send me hate mail :)
I've developed this new news feature in an attempt to keep you (my faithful amazing cat lovers) more informed of changes to the site.

I am currently working on some neat additions to Amazing Cat Collection:
-more accurate voting system (unfortunately all old votes will be nulled, sorry)
-store where you can buy shirts, mugs, mousepads and other items featuring your favorite amazing cats.
-guestbook where you can post messages about your favorite cat or cat story for everyone to read.

Expect to see these new features in the upcoming weeks. And of course I'll still post a new amazing cat picture every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Please email me if you have any suggestions.
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