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You've gotta love cats... I know I do!
A new amazing cat picture every day!
Thanks to everyone who submitted these funny cute and weird cat pictures! -Dwight

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Can you spare a few dollars to help us out with our technical costs? We try our best to keep this site simple and (mostly) advertisement free but the bills are a bit high for a struggling college student to support. If you enjoy this site please consider donating. We need and appreciate your support.

All donors will have their name and/or website put on the donor list unless otherwise specified (please make a note when making a donation).

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The following people have generously contributed to Amazing Cat Collection. We feel they should be worshiped like gods.

Names appearing in bold represent a contribution of $10 or more.

10. Kristin Davis

9. Brenda Herr
8. Liz (The Cat's Meow)
7. Michelle Brown

6. Kate
5. Melissa aka Julia Hughes

4. Johan (freelunchdesign.com)
3 .Jennifer Price
2. Kay Ledwick
1. Michael Steffes


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