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You've gotta love cats... I know I do!
A new amazing cat picture every day!
Thanks to everyone who submitted these funny cute and weird cat pictures! -Dwight

  About Amazing Cat Collection
Dwight Calwhite - creation, programming, design, updates
Zach Payne - design, graphics, support
Peter Hammerquist - logo

Brief History
This site was originally created as a place where I could put my growing collection of funny cat pictures for my family and friends to view. Then one day I came to the realization that the site had somehow been "discovered" by some large sites on the internet and I was suddenly getting thousands upon thousands of visitors a day. I was shocked and amazed at the popularity of my cat collection! Apparently there are many people out there that love amazing cat pictures as much as I do.

I decided to go with the flow and continue posting more amazing cat pictures for others in internetland. I bought this domain (amazingcatcollection.com) and recruited the help of my friend and colleague Zach Payne. He programmed the code necessary to create the first cat rating system and created all the graphics and HTML for the site.

Since then I have re-programmed the whole site using PHP, MySQL, and Javascript web technologies. I really hope this site is as much fun for you to view as it is for me to make. Let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Sincerely, Dwight Calwhite
P.S. If you do enjoy this site please consider donating some money. We could really use it (having a popular website is expensive!).

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Amazing cat collection is a website featuring the internet's funniest, cutest, most amazing cat pictures you've ever seen. You can rate the cat pictures at this site and best of all this site is updated with a new amazing cat picture every day! We take pride in our collection of funny, cute and weird cat photos and we hope you enjoy this site.
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