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Amazing Cat Collection Terms and Conditions:


Please read these terms and conditions before viewing Amazing Cat Collection. You must comply with the terms contained herein in order to use Amazing Cat Collection site or submit any files.

Site Usage

The operators of this site require that you agree with these terms to view Amazing Cat Collection. Amazing Cat Collection makes no warranty as to the quality or availability of the website. If you do not agree to all of the terms provided in these Terms and Conditions then you can just take your web browser and keep on truckin. In other words, if you do not agree with us completely then do not use this site.

The operators of AmazingCatCollection.com have no reason to believe any of the pictures or videos contaned herein are copyrighted or illegal in any way. If you own the copyright, or are the original creator of any of the material contained at this site and would like it removed please send us an email explaining your reason for removal and we will remove it as soon as possible.

The operators of AmazingCatCollection.com have no reason to believe that any of the cats in any of these photos have been harmed in any way. We love cats and do not wish to encourage the abuse of animals. If you can prove that any of these cats have been physically harmed please send us an email with your reasoning and we will remove the offending material as soon as possible.

You agree not to copy the ideas or designs contained in this site. All elements of this site are copyrighted by AmazingCatCollection.com unless not allowed by law. You agree that these terms of use can be altered at any time.

We will never share or sell your personal information with any person, group, or company not affiliated with the Amazing Cat Collection. When you send an email to us you may be signed up for the Amazing Cat Collection Newsletter. This newsletter is sent very infrequently (no more than once every two weeks). The intention of this newsletter is simply to keep you informed of changes to the Amazing Cat Collection website. If you would not like to be put on this newsletter mailing list please indicate "no newsletter" in your email subject or at the top of the message.

Cat Submission

By sending us a file you acknowledge agreement to all of these terms and conditions. Every file you submit becomes property of AmazingCatCollection.com. You agree that we may alter or use your picture or video in any way we please. You certify you are not submitting a picture or video that is illegal in any way, and that the picture or video is yours to submit, meaning you didn't steal it from another website, or a print source such as a magazine.
Submission Summary
1. Do not submit illegal material.
2. We may use your material as we see fit.

Other Stuff

By using this site you agree that cats are awesome, and that the creators of this site are inherently awesome. You also agree to never spam our email addresses or sign us up for spam, because that's not nice. You agree to name your next born child "Meowness" (just kidding). You also agree that this is the end of the Terms and Conditions, however they may be altered at any time in the future.




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